Carr's Future

I've stated my argument regarding why I don't think Carr is the answer for this team. Numbers are always something that seems to legitimize a players worth on a team. But now I'm going to attempt to make the argument simply with logic.

It's fair to say that a new coaching staff will be hired this offseason. That's OC/DC/ST. None of these current coordinators will stick around, I figure Mark Davis or Mayock want limited remnants of the Gruden era around come next season. The Raiders won't know who they have an opportunity to hire until playoff time when most coordinators are given permission to talk to potential suitors. The sought after ones will get to pick and choose the best opportunities, obviously.

As a potential HC looking for a new job there are a few things you're going to look at. Ownership, GM, roster control, salary cap and current players.

I think the biggest impact on a potential HC hire for this team is the Carr situation. A new coach coming in will definitely have a huge say on what happens with Carr. Will a new HC look at an 8 year veteran with a losing record and feel he can win with him?

Then there is Carr's contract situation. He isn't owed any guaranteed money after this season. This usually means a new contract before the season. Most Carr people will argue he's a top 10 QB, which means he will require top 10 money. That alone will have an impact on the roster moving forward. Throw in Crosby and Waller, and there are going o be some hard personnel decisions in the next couple seasons.

I've read a lot of discussion about what this team needs in order to be competitive. What I have heard is a #1 WR, new O line, and defense. That is a lot of roster turnover and money that will need to be spent moving forward. If Carr is re-signed where will that money come from? But more importantly, this team hasn't been a free agent hot spot for some years, what makes you think it will be any different moving forward?

I hear we should build through the draft. Odds say that in order to obtain the amount of help some feel necessary, we will need at least 3-4 drafts to get it done.

There is a lot more that could be discussed but I just don't feel like continuing on. But here's the point. When a new HC is hired on, over half of the time a new QB is brought in. The Raiders are an exception obviously, as Carr has survived multiple regime changes. But eventually if something isn't working, it's time for change. The chances of Carr sticking around after this season are slim. He just hasn't done enough to prove he is worthy of a top 10 contract and another chance.

What a lot fail to remember is that winning is the only thing that matters in this league. Say what you want about how horrible the Raiders organization and defense has been through the years, but it still doesn't change the fact that Carr hasn't won anything. It almost seems as if Raiders fans are okay with being a below average football team. So much so that I was blasted for saying a .300 winning percentage is the same as a .450 winning percentage. It's still a losing record. Period.