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Rich Bisaccia, Derek Carr try to explain latest Raiders’ disaster

Las Vegas’ coach and quarterback discuss that 32-13 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Las Vegas Raiders
Rich Bisaccia
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s become a weekly occurrence as the leaders of the Las Vegas Raiders, interim head coach Rich Bisaccia and quarterback Derek Carr, break down the ugly details of another brutal loss.

On Sunday, it was a 32-13 home loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Let’s hear from the two:

Rich Bisaccia

On whether he may get more involved in the offensive play calling;

“I have been involved. Nobody is on an island right now. Certainly, I sit in all of the offensive meetings and I am involved with the run meeting with Coach Cabes [offensive line coach Tom Cable] and I’ll sit running backs with Tims [running backs coach Tim Berbenich]. We all have to dig in. We all have to look at ourselves a little bit. We have a game coming up right away. We are going to start early tomorrow. We have gotten ahead. We have worked on Fridays and nights and those types of things to try to get us a plan for what is ahead for us on Thanksgiving. It is not one person, we all have to dig in.”

On the glut of penalties:

“We had concentration penalties, we lined up in the neutral zone. We had the 15 yarder where we had our guys put their hands on the back of the quarterback when we were going to get off the field, he is throwing the ball away. I think it is all of the above. It was concentration penalties, it was alignment penalties, apparently it was just a cornucopia of penalties today. We just didn’t do a very good job.”

On if there was enough of a sense of urgency for the entire game.

“I feel like there was a sense of urgency the whole game, we just didn’t do a very good job of connecting especially on third down. They gave us some pressure a little bit and we ended up playing the check down game to some degree. We got some third and manageable and we weren’t able to capitalize offensively. That was a big drive for us, obviously it was an explosive drive. The negative of it was the kickoff return was too much, and we put our defense right back on the field. You get a positive and a negative on the same drive. I thought the urgency was there, but the execution was not.”

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Las Vegas Raiders
Joe Mixon TD
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On if the defense got too tired as the game went on:

“When you look at it, they are out there playing a lot of plays. It is a broken record from a week ago. We kind of did the same thing offensively in the first half. We could never get in sync, we couldn’t move the ball on third down, so we end up punting the football and now the defense goes out there. They stop them and on third-and-short or third-and-manageable and we get a penalty. The drive continues on that one big drive there were three penalties if I am not mistaken in that drive. Last week, I think when we had that drive on defense it was three penalties in that drive as well.”

Derek Carr

On if he still thinks this team is better than past teams:

“I still feel that way. That’s why it’s a little frustrating, but I just got to be better for us.”

On why it took the offense so long to push the ball down field:

“I’ll let you guys talk about that stuff. You can watch it and all that kind of stuff, respectfully. You can watch it and come up with your own things and all that kind of stuff. I’m just going to try my best to execute the game plan like I always do. But being a Raider fan for a long time, 20 years of this crap is enough, I’m fed up. I just want to be part of the moment that changes. I want that so bad, that’s what keeps driving me. I get pissed off and I get upset. I stand up here, and I’ve done this way too many times than I like to do it. Because of my heart, the minute I ruin the way we work, the way we go after things, it shouldn’t always end like this crap. We have another one in just a few days against a really good football team, so if we don’t want to stand up here and have to do this again, we better get it right.”

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On what it would mean to finally get another win:

“It’ll be great. We need a win. I don’t care about anything else; we need to win. What a great opportunity, we have a short week. We don’t get time to breathe, we don’t get time to decompress after that one. Like, I’ll go home, and I’ll start working on the Cowboys. That’s part of the job, that’s what you do. But in a way hopefully it’ll be good for our guys cause either we go home and go to work…we could be out on the strip and do those things go get late dinners and these kinds of things, or we can get back to work and try to get a win.”

On the third-and-6 check-down play:

“So, we’ve used it in the past and it worked, and it’s worked honestly, against certain looks. Again, I’m just trying to execute at the best of my abilities with the tools that we’ve talked about throughout the week. We’re very close on that play, honestly from a big play, but when it gets stopped it’s like ‘Oh my gosh,’ you know? One of those moments. Like I said, it’s something we’ve used in the past, but when it doesn’t go good, it’s one of those things Gruden said ‘Don’t worry, they’ll boo me, and not you,’ it’s one of those things.”