I'm not a Carr fan, but I like what he said post game....

I am a non believer in Carr and have been for a few years now. While they guy, by all accounts seems like a great teammate and person in general, he has lacked that "it" factor both on and off the field.

Throughout the game yesterday, there were shots of Carr sitting alone on the sidelines. Hat on and head down. You have to believe he is completely frustrated with his play and the teams as a whole. I am hard on Carr because I haven't seen anything that has shown he can lead this team to the Super Bowl, let alone playoffs. Of course it is not all his fault, but as much as some don't want to admit it, this is a QB driven league. Without a franchise QB, chances of a team winning a championship are slim. Especially in today's NFL, where rules are offense friendly.

But, I will have to say that my view on Carr actually changed a little after listening to his post game presser. I haven't seen it mentioned on here, but he made a couple statements that almost sounded like he was calling out teammates and coaching staff.

I'm not going to quote everything, you can simply with his 6 minute presser and hear for yourself. But I will give you a little synopsis.

When asked if the play calling is what caused the offense to get off to a slow start, Carr told the media he will let them look at the tape and decide for themselves. He followed that by saying he just tries to run the game plan that is implemented. I'm taking that as a yes, the game plan is horrible, but I have to go with what's in place.

When Carr speaks on getting ready for Thursday's game against the Cowboys, he says the team can prepare and be ready, or they can be on the strip having late dinners or whatever. That sounded a lot like he was calling out teammates who may be checked out already. Late dinners? That was kind of specific wasn't it?

It's time for Carr to grab a hold of this team and call them out. It is what a franchise QB is supposed to do. He is the default leader of this team whether he likes it or not. You can tell he is genuine about wanting to win. But it is clearly obvious he is frustrated with a lot. But I think he is at the point now where he is starting to realize that nothing is going t change if he has teammates who have already checked out.

All the greats, throughout the major sports have a few characteristics in common. One of those is being hard to get a long with because they seem to hold their teammates to higher standards. Jordan, Brady, Rodgers, Bryant, Gretzky, etc. They all had a desire for greatness and they knew that while they were great, they needed those around them to be at their best too.

I hope this losing shows a side of Carr we haven't seen. One where he will be more vocal and get on teammates who aren't playing up to par. 8 years of losing is way too much.