No Evidence We’ll Be Better With Mariota

The Athletic had a great article where they showed the evidence that Carr has had the worst combination of DEF and supporting cast on OFF of any QB over X number of years. So, for anyone claiming that Mariota has more upside because in TENN he has never had weapons like Carr, it would be interesting to compare the DEF that Mariota has had, starting field position, etc, to what Carr has had. To the eye, MM isn’t a pro level passer. Period. So you’ll likely lose some of the effectiveness of your receiving options like Waller and Renfrow. That’s the opposite of what we want. MM can run, so I am all for using him on more plays strategically as a complement to Carr. I think the calls for MM are more about anger and disappointment in Carr than they are about upgrading the position - which I understand, but it won’t yield better QB play.

Also, MM will be injured, and very likely won’t last one full game. So, there’s a lot of evidence he won’t remain available, so you have to present a backup plan WHEN he gets injured, not if. That’s a requirement to any call for MM. Another of many drawbacks to a QB change to MM.