The Raiders Gave up. With Good Reason.

It might sound like sour grapes, but you can't beat the refs. The other team CANNOT commit zero penalties, weeks at a time during a season. It's not only illogical but it's also outright disrespectful to us, as fans.

Fans of teams always are eviscerated for blaming it on the zebras. But what can you say when it's been proven by an independent, thirty party that the RAIDERS have been the most penalized team on what they call "ticky-tac" calls and, the coup de etat, "game altering" penalties. Meaning POINTS ARE DIRECTLY COMING OFF THE BOARD.

The team knows it. Mark Davis won't admit it but the league is trying to push him out. To even watch at this point is to deny reality- You can hold Maxx Crosby for as long as you need to get the ball off but you'd better not even sneeze in the direction of the QB if you're a Raider. Watching the holds not being called for Mahomes and Burrow just reminded me that the league is indeed rigged and they have it in for the Raiders. If you're holding out hope for this season, don't. Raiders won't be successful until MD sells the team, idgaf if we put together best team ever where our third string was pro bowlers.