Love eating crow after I wipe the egg off my face!

Here I was killing their crappy play and preparing for the rebuild (who wasn't?) and they come out and pop the Cowboys on probably the best game for such a holiday event. It may have been a bit sloppy, but that was a damn crazy game.

I was honestly waiting for the shoe to drop, that the Cowboys would somehow get a huge play to win the game or the Raiders would toss a pick or fumble the game away and we'd all get to see Grandpa Jerry Jones bursting with joy and high-fiving his family and yes-men.

Didn't happen. Wow! Screw "America's Team" and their crappy half-time show.

The whole team came to play and I don't want to hear that Lamb and Cooper weren't there or any other bullshirt excuses from the media or Cowboy fans. If the Raiders didn't win, the media would be arse-kissing Dallas and sticking the knife into the Raider carcass.

Let's see...roasted crow, mashed potatoes and gravy. Always good.

RN4L...somebody stop me!!!

Being a fan is so great, right Raider Nation faithful?