No Crow for me

We won , we should win . This a very talented offense, and a hard charging defense playing with a lot of heart .

But Derek was Derek , almost gave the win away, leaving 1 min 55 seconds on the clock for them to tie .

still under throwing , throwing behind , still panics easy !

I loved the win , keep them coming , I'm not eating Crow for Derek's play . I will point out , with no Ruggs, no Waller , we still put up 33 points , <<< Because this team has talented weapons , that are always bashed by a few in here , who like to pin point focus all their praise on one player .

Tecmobo has been saying I've been saying there is no reason to be talking about a re-build, none ! We have a good team , we can make it better, and we don't have to tear it down like all the Carr fans believe !!!

It's the up & down QB that needs something else all the damn time . Enjoy the win , I did , I loved Mariota's TD IN THE RED ZONE !