The Raider Nation family

What a great win last night huh? Much needed, and much appreciated on Turkey day! But I saw something on here after the game that both bothered me, and reminded me of what the Raider Nation is all about. During the post game thread, a well known poster (I'm not gonna call them out, most already know) commented about the sudden passing of a close relative and how much this small moment of a W took their mind off the situation for just a brief moment, it legit hurt my heart reading that a fellow fan was struggling during such a tough moment, I just couldn't stop thinking about it. But to see so many other Raider Nation members reach out with support reminded me of how much this fan base actually means to me!

Raider Nation is one huge family, we fight, we call each other names, we argue, we high five and jump for joy after games like yesterday, and we gripe, bitch and moan after games like the last few week, but like any family, when one of our own is in need, we're all there to help and support each other, if that's not family, I dont know what is!

For the poster who's struggling with losing their loved one right now, know that your in my thoughts, and I know so many others as well, we don't know each other on any kind of personal level outside of these boards, but we're only a message away from whatever you may need!

I view all of Raider Nation as my extended family, your annoying, embarrassing at times, frustrating other times! But your all Fam, I wouldn't change any of it and I have all your backs when the chips are down

Sorry for the long winded emotional B.S....must be the turkey speakin

Love to all Raider Nation this Friday mornin!