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Defensive backs coach Ron Milus has been strong addition to Raiders’ coaching staff

Las Vegas’ DBs are flourishing under respected coach

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Joint Practice
Ron Milus
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest stories of the Las Vegas Raiders’ 5-2 start has been the drastic improved play of the defense.

Of course, the unit is led by first-year Las Vegas defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. But the impact and credit for the turnaround of the unit goes beyond Bradley.

One of the biggest reasons why the Raiders’ defense is improved is because the secondary is playing much better in all aspects of the game. Bradley brought Ron Milus (who was on his staff with the Los Angeles Chargers) to Las Vegas to coach the defensive backs.

Milus’ impact has been evident. Even though there has been injuries, the Raiders, who are mostly young in the secondary, are making big strides under Milus’ guidance.

Las Vegas interim head coach Rich Bisaccia had some high praise for the job Milus has done in his first season with the Raiders.

“Ron has had a tremendous impact on me as well. Not only that. But he’s a big sounding board for me, a guy I can go visit with,” Bisaccia said. “But also, the continuity that he has with Gus and the rest of those guys on defense. He’s been through a lot of big games. He’s been through a lot of difficult situations. I think the man that Ron Milus is, is what’s really coming across to the players in his room.

“He has a tremendous care for players. He has a tremendous care for the game of football and how it all fits. So, I think he’s approached his players as, ‘Hey guys, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. But also, you can come and talk to me about issues you may have outside of football. When we’re in the room about football, here’s how I can help you become what you want to become as a player.’ The whole defensive staff, but you asked about Ron in particular. He’s also been a big help to me as well with being a sounding board, being able to go to him with some questions or problems I may have.”