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Raiders Podcast: TDL Ruggs reaction and mailbag

TDL gives their reaction to the Henry Ruggs news and answer fan questions.

Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are having a tough week with the terrible Henry Ruggs Incident. The sad story gets worse by the day, and the boys at TDL give their initial reaction.

The team now has to replace Ruggs production and move on with the rest of the season. Can the offense continue to thrive without their dynamic playmaker? Will there be a replacement from outside the locker room? Those questions will be answered as the season rolls along.

TDL deeps dive into the situation and what the adjustments could be. They also examine if a player such as Odell Beckham JR could be an option to help this team in the future.

The offensive line and the defensive line come up in the mailbag as well. How will they fit with Incognito and possibly Nicholas Morrow on the way back?

Check it out below and let us know what you think!