Well, You Knew it was Coming....

The only question is - what - did you know was coming? This piece? Or another underwhelming performance by the Raiders' starting QB in November/December?

Correct answer - both.

However, one of the questions that I previously posed was - is this team now bad Carr proof? The question's origin can only be described as the day that we finally won a game in which Derek tossed a pick 6....the win at home VS Miami. Well, it looks like we're back to our losing ways when Derek tosses pick 6's, and no, we are not bad Carr proof. Not even with a much improved defense, unfortunately.

It looks as if Henry Ruggs has been crowned the MVP, or at least that's what I'm being led to believe by the Carrdashians that are blaming Ruggs' absence for Carr's poor performance in NY. Drama or no drama, we now have a 0-4 record when Henry Ruggs doesn't play....


Because last week, I did a piece in which I highlighted Aaron Rodgers' 7-0 record - complete with nearly perfect individual passing numbers - when Davante Adams doesn't suit up. Davante Adams, the " best WR in football. " But Derek needs Ruggs to win? Doesn't sound like MVP material to me.

" But, but, but..Rodgers didn't even have a great game against the Cardinals without Adams!!!! "

1st of all, Aaron Rodgers was facing the - unbeaten - Arizona Cardinals from the NFC's toughest division. Not the 2-6 Giants from one of the worst divisions in all of football.

2nd of all, Rodgers had 2 touchdown passes and zero interceptions VS those unbeaten Cardinals.

3rd - Rodgers didn't throw any pick 6's VS the Cardinals.

In fact, again, Rodgers has only 1 interception in the 7 games he's played without Davante Adams. 20 touchdowns to 1 interception.

" But, but,'s a team game!!!! "

Is that why the Packers lost to the Chiefs last night without Rodgers under center? I mean, everyone's beating the Chiefs these days....Jordan Love couldn't do it? Davante Adams played. Valdes-Scantling returned. What happened?

" But, but, can't compare Derek to Rodgers!!!! "

No? Okay, I'll stop when Carrdashians stop yelling " DC for MVP!!!! " Fair enough? COVID vaccine lies and all - Rodgers remains the MVP.

But this isn’t about Aaron Rodgers because there are plenty of other teams and players that go on the road and get the job done against good teams when things aren’t optimal….like the Titans beating a really good Rams team in LA last night without their best player - Derrick Henry. And then there's the Cardinals, who went on the road to face the Niners last night and got the job done without Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins.

At this point, after losing to a 2-6 NY Giants team from the NFC Least, I feel 100% certain that we need to bring in OBJ, too. We should all be happy about the Desean Jackson signing because increasing Zay Jones' playing time was always a joke, but the DJax signing is not enough. DJax, given his age and injury history, is likely to need help and probably soon. And being that it doesn't look as if Derek is good enough to elevate Bryan Edwards' production, we're going to need another proven, quality starter at WR to have a shot at finally getting this playoff/Super Bowl thing done. So hopefully, OBJ doesn't get claimed on the waiver wire and we're able to entice him to join the team. But admittedly, if I were OBJ, I'd just sign on to ride with Baltimore and Lamar Jackson. All it takes is a free rusher, or a mirage of blitz pressure, to get Derek to sail an easy touchdown toss 3 yards over his receiver's head. OBJ may as well just link up with Lamar.

But what if OBJ pulls his diva routine on Derek? I. Do. Not. Care. There are plenty of diva receivers walking around with Super Bowl rings....including, most recently, our old friend Antonio Brown. Add the talent, and if Derek can't figure out how to lead the talent, just find another QB that can in the off-season. A cheaper one. And don't tell me about there not being any QB options either....not when Jameis Winston had 14 touchdowns to 3 interceptions this year. It's not that hard to find QBs that can play and lead in this soft era of NFL football. Figure it out. Hell, OBJ's dad VS the Carrdashians would at least bring some entertainment value to these late season flame outs. Nothing's worse than missing the playoffs while also being boring at the same time. Well, I take that back....never winning a single game without Henry Ruggs would be worse.

Still, so shocking, that this comes only a couple of weeks after Derek decapitated Philly ( as one Carrdashian put it, Lol) and won the week 7 Super Bowl. What happened to the parade for Greg Olson and his play-calling? Wasn't it all Gruden's fault a couple weeks ago? Didn't Olson become a red zone genius? So what changed? Only the month....

And none of this is the media’s fault - yet another silly excuse that gets tossed out from time to time. " Josh Dubow is out to get uuuuuus!! " Or, " that guy Vic Tafur can’t be trusted!! " Hush. The last time I checked, the media doesn't get snaps for this team. Nor do they make decisions for this team - decisions like drafting Clelin Ferrell 4th overall.

Anyway, this is what Derek Carr does in the 2nd halves of seasons and we know it. With or without Gruden, without or without Olson, with or without an offensive line, with or without off the field drama, early games, late games, against good teams, against bad teams, with or without Ruggs, with or without a defense, with or without guaranteed money on his contract, etc. None of it actually matters....Derek gonna Derek. QB is ( by far) the most important factor in this game - particularly in an era that's been set up for QBs to succeed, and yet our QB just fades. We have a pretty solid sample size to work with at this point, and Derek's going on 31 years old, so expecting him to change or prove anything is basic insanity.

As for this message being brought to you - again - by with it. Put a band-aid on it, let mommy kiss it and make it better. There, there....everything's okay. Derek's doing another podcast with Justin Beiber's little brothers later this week, so make sure to tune in right after you say your prayers and take your vitamins, Hulkamaniacs....