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Raiders Podcast: Week 9 reaction vs Giants

TDL reacts to the Loss to the NY Giants

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders suffered a surprising loss to the New York Giants 23-16 on Sunday and are now tied for the AFC West. With a formidable opponent coming into Las Vegas next week, the Raiders will need to bounce back on offense.

TDL gives their instant reaction to what happened on Sunday with their thoughts are the rough day from Derek Carr and the offense. While the Raiders could move the ball from 20 to 20, they couldn't get it done in the red zone.

BD Williams gives his take on the defense who he thought played well enough to win. The defense allowed only 245 yards of offense and 96 passing yards total on the day. However, they did struggle on third down allowing a 50% conversion rate.

Matt talks about the defensive line struggles with the running game. Will it ever be fixed, or is it a problem in the future?

Check it out below.