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Let me introduce myself to Silver & Black Pride community

Excited to be here

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Dallas Cowboys
The lines of Raider fan and objective Raider writer can be blurred.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ray Aspuria.

I’ve been writing here and there about the Raiders ever since my nearly 20-year odyssey in the journalism game began and you’ve probably seen some of my work on the web.

I’m excited to join the Silver & Black Pride staff and provide you all research, opinion and everything in between when it comes to the Raiders. You’ll find straight-to-the-point facts mixed in with quick-wit humor, puns and sarcasm in my pieces.

Real quick, if you get a chance, take a look at my avatar on Twitter. That should give you plenty of insight on what to expect from me.

The picture is of me interviewing Raiders Hall of Famer Tim Brown during the Humboldt State University (my alma mater) sports auction for a story I was writing about the event for The Times-Standard Newspaper in Eureka, Calif. Humboldt County may be tucked behind the Redwood Curtain up U.S. Highway 101, but there are a bevy of Raiders (and 49ers) fans up that way. Hence my opportunity to not only talk shop with Brown, but write about the Raiders regularly.

But, look at the picture and I broke some major journalistic codes in that afternoon. The biggest infraction: As an objective, neutral reporter, wearing that Raiders jacket was a no-no. But how many opportunities was I going to have to interview Pro Football Hall of Famers, let alone a Raider?

I’ve come a long way from writing stories and columns about the (then-Oakland) Raiders for The Times-Standard. It’s been interesting writing about Al Davis’ Raiders and Mark Davis’ Raiders. While I have yet to cover a game in Allegiant Stadium, the trips to and experience covering a game at the Coliseum in Oakland were equal parts exhilarating (the press booth had a solid view), frustrating (so many Ls) and hilarious (the Coliseum plumbing).

And sports wasn’t even why I got into the journalism game. I started as the crime beat reporter for the Ventura County Star newspaper. While the beat did teach me a lot about the importance of accuracy and informing the public, writing about murders and death turned me off of that subject matter rather quickly and I switched from the metro/newsie desk to the sports desk.

While my full-time journalism career ran its course, the love of writing — particularly about the Raiders — continues to burn strong. Hence, why I’m pleased to be here.

You many not always like what I write — a lesson I learned very early in my days as a newspaper man — but know that I appreciate you taking the time to read what I’ve scribbled.