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Silver Minings: Will we see more Marcus Mariota packages?

Backup QB has sparked the Raiders’ offense in a limited role

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Las Vegas Raiders
Marcus Mariota
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In the weeks since he returned from an injury, the Las Vegas Raiders have occasionally sprinkled a Marcus Mariota package into the offense. It has produced solid results and it’ll will be interesting to see if offensive coordinator Greg Olson will decide to add more Mariota plays in the final five games of the 2021 season to help kickstart the offense, which has struggled during a stretch in which it has lost four of the past five games.

So far, Mariota has five carries for 45 yards and a touchdown this season.

Of course, these type of packages are most effective when used in small doses to catch the opposing defenses off guard. Also, it would disrupt the flow of the offense, in general, if both starter Derek Carr and backup Mariota were on the field together for big stretches. It is just not sustainable. But using Mariota more in the red zone (the Raiders have the 29th ranked red-zone offense) could be something Olson shows more down the stretch.

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