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Just Stats Baby: Week 14 vs the Kansas City Chiefs

Game was ugly and the stats were as well.

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NFL: DEC 12 Raiders at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Las Vegas Raiders added another loss to their total and after an embarrassing performance vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. The 48-9 shellacking got the Raiders on the ropes with their playoff hopes.

Let's deep dive into the numbers for the Week:

Chiefs moved the ball at will.

The Raiders’ defense has seen most of the love from fans this season with the offense struggling. Their numbers have continued to falter since the bye week. Last Sunday's matchup was the second time they couldn't stop a struggling Chiefs offense.

Per, the Raiders were last in EPA per play Week 14, allowing .38 per play on the afternoon. The Chiefs were 9/13 on third, allowing Patrick Mahomes to have his best completion percentage of the season. The Chiefs were able to run the ball with 132 rushing yards and the Raiders 17th in EPA per play vs. the run.

The Defense must tighten up on third down during these last four games for the Raiders to have a chance.

The offensive line is beaten down.

The game was over from the beginning of the snap with the offensive line getting pushed back and Jacobs fumbling for a touchdown. It didn't get any better from there as the Raiders offensive line got dominated throughout the game.

According to PFF, the Raiders allowed 24 pressures, with 22 coming from three players. Kolton Miller(8), Brandon Parker (7), and Alex Leatherwood(9) were abused by the Chiefs' defensive line. It was Miller's worst game of the season as Frank Clark reminded him of his rookie performance out in London.

John Simpson and Andre James pitched a shutout and it was a silver lining. Miller has struggled as of late and has Myles Garrett coming into town. The Raiders' offensive line can't repeat this performance, or it will be an ugly day in Cleveland.

Malcolm Koonce displays promise.

Malcolm Koonce was a surprise draft pick for the Raiders in the third round. Most draft pundits felt he was a day three selection over day two. Well, Koonce has exhibited his promise as a pass rusher with sacks in the last two games.

Koonce's two sacks are notable because of how many pass-rush snaps he has in total. The former Buffalo standout has only played nine snaps rushing the passer with three pressures and two sacks. It gives him 27.4 pass-rush productivity, according to, which would be first in the league without qualifiers. Koonce has an excellent bend and now is displaying a long arm that helps him get to the passer.

With Ngakoue on a two-year contract, the development of Koonce will be paramount to keeping the pass rush in the upper end of the league. It can give him time to develop his skill set and create a tandem with Maxx Crosby in the future.

Divine Deablo good again

Speaking of third-round picks, the other selection from that round got his first start in the NFL. Divine Deablo's transition to linebacker seemed more rigid after the loss of Tanner Muse. But Deablo was the opposite, having a big day stopping the run.

According to PFF, the converted linebacker finished with three defensive stops on the day. The service gave him an 80.5 run defense grade as Deablo showed the ability to shed blockers and tackle the ball carrier for short gains. His coverage skills were his main selling point in college, and he struggled against Travis Kelce with three receptions for first downs.

Deablo should make Raiders fans comfortable at the linebacker position for the future. The Raiders 2021 draft class is presenting they could be critical pieces to a great defense in a couple of years. Hopefully, Deablo will continue to grow as a player.