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Silver Minings: Raiders fans get love for their tailgating

They ranked near the top in the NFL

Jacksonville Jaguars v Oakland Raiders
A Raider tailgate in Oakland
Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

This has not been an easy year to be a Las Vegas Raiders fan, but you remain loyal.

In addition to your fierce loyalty, among other great qualities, you are known for your spunk and ability to spot a party. Your great fandom has been recognized. According to, Raiders fans have been voted for having the third best tailgate parties in the NFL when it comes to volume.

Raiders’ fans ranked only below Buffalo Bills fans and New York Jets fans. I know, I know. You want to be No. 1 and you should be.

As we addressed in a post earlier this season, I have traveled to all 32 NFL cities and believe the Raiders’ tailgate parties stack up with anyone, especially when they were based in Oakland. The tailgate scene in Las Vegas is a work in progress like all aspects of the Raiders experience in the city.

But there is no doubt Raiders fans know how to party whether it’s prior (and after, of course) a home game or a roadie.

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