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Silver Minings: The Raiders and Browns have until 2 pm ET to activate players

The Browns have a chance to get a few players back before Monday.

Cleveland Browns v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders and Cleveland Browns matchup was supposed to be yesterday but saw a postponement due to covid outbreaks in the Browns locker room. The League decided to push the game back to 5 pm ET on Monday to give the Browns more time to recover.

The NFL has set the deadline for the Browns and Raiders to activate players. Both teams have until 2 pm ET to activate players off the covid list. Of course, the Raiders have none.

The dilemma has caused controversy all-around, with players and fans upset by the situation. We saw Will Compton have a tweet that even had Browns players responding.

It could make this an even more exciting matchup.

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