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Raiders Podcast: TDL preview vs the Browns

TDL previews today’s matchup vs the Cleveland Browns

Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are playing football two days late. Fans get a primetime matchup vs. the Cleveland Browns Monday afternoon after the outbreak in the Browns facility.

BD and I take a deep dive into the Browns on both sides of the football. It has a gameplan vibe with the players up in the air.

The Browns rushing attack- The Raiders defense's primary focus has to be controlling the run game. It will be hard to stop but containing it is possible with the Raiders under the front.

Myles Garrett- BD gives his thought on the athletic marvel that is Myles Garrett. What can the Raiders do to shut him down?

Passes to running backs- The Browns are down at wide receiver and will attempt to get their running backs involved. I examine their passing plays to running backs.

Check it below and subscribe to the silver and black podcast. The TDL youtube link is below for the video.