Derek Carr trade value

PFF just did an article about realistic trade values and landing places of current QBs. They have Derek Carr's worth at a 1st and 3rd this year and a first round pick next year (traded to WFT so they would be a contender and late round picks). They have Rodgers and Wilson rated as 2 firsts, a second and a third just FYI. Now I am a known Carr fan, but I have said countless times that if a new coaching staff comes in we need to give them all the tools to succeed and if they don't believe Carr is their guy I am OK with them dealing him. If we get this haul back, the sting would be dulled a bit. Now if they can somehow trade back from the first this year and get an additional first next year, then package the plethora of picks we have next year to get one of the top QB prospects in a much better draft class we definitely could expedite this rebuild. It would hurt to watch a good QB go, but there is more than one way to skin a cat, and this may be one way to build a team.

For what it is worth PFF spoke very highly of Carr and I do think if we can draft better and the new coaching staff likes Carr I'm up for keeping him and building around him too.

"Do we expect the Raiders to trade Carr? No. In fact, they’re more likely to give him a top-of-market extension this offseason that makes him a Raider for life. However, with all the turmoil surrounding the team, what if a new head coach and/or general manager decides to just hit the reset button? The quickest way to do that is by getting a massive haul for the 30-year-old quarterback and jumpstarting a rebuild.

Amidst what could be described as utter chaos around him, Carr has quietly become one of the NFL's better starting quarterbacks among the 30-and-under age group. Since 2020, he ranks sixth in PFF passing grade among 30-and-under quarterbacks (85.0), second in big-time throw rate (6.7%), third in yards per attempt (7.9) and third in adjusted completion percentage (78.3%). Any way you slice it, Carr has become one of the game’s best quarterbacks with many years ahead of him.

Washington Football Team defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio was the Raiders' head coach from 2015-17, with the 2016 season being the only year Carr has made the playoffs in his career. He threw 28 touchdown passes to just six interceptions that year. After getting fired, Del Rio did make comments about how he doesn’t believe Carr plays well in cold weather, which Carr certainly took umbrage with at the time. Nevertheless, the two have familiarity and were successful together, so perhaps that can be a bridge to a reunion.

Washington has managed to be a .500 football team despite replacement-level quarterbacking in each of the past two seasons. With emerging star wide receiver Terry McLaurin and the team’s offensive line currently earning the third-best pass blocking grade in 2021 (79.1) despite some injuries, Carr could step in and make the team a true contender. "