Derek Carr is a poor man's Kirk Cousins

He's had 8 years on the team, it's time to move on. I've never said everything is his fault but he hasn't fixed his weaknesses. I've always said with good protection and a good running game he can play excellent. But the fact is with a salary cap it's not possible to have that without having serious weaknesses at other positions. Look at how much we spent on Oline before. Hudson, Brown, Jackson, Osemele, and Penn got big contracts.

I don't get why people want to keep Carr around. If you look at stats, he is a poor man's Kirk Cousins. Would you trade Carr for Cousins straight up? Do you think Cousins is a winning QB or would you move on and try to get another player? Look at the stats from when Carr stopped playing like crap, the 2019 season and on:

Cousins: 107.4 QB rating, 8.1 yards per attempt, 26 TD 6 INT
Carr: 100.8 QB rating, 7.9 yards per attempt, 21 TD 8 INT

Cousins: 105.0 QB rating, 8.3 yards per attempt, 35 TD 13 INT
Carr: 101.4 QB rating, 7.9 yards per attempt, 27 TD 9 INT

Cousins: 103.5 QB rating, 7.5 yards per attempt, 27 TD 5 INT
Carr: 96.7 QB rating, 7.9 yards per attempt, 18 TD 10 INT

Cousins has played better than Carr but what have the Vikings done? Absolutely nothing. Cousins went 10-5 in 2019 and they made the playoffs but they didn't last year.

Everyone talks about stats, but stats can be deceiving.