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Silver Minings: 16 points finally works for Raiders

Las Vegas has scored 16 points or less eight times this season

Las Vegas Raiders v Cleveland Browns
Derek Carr
Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Sixteen points was finally not the demise of the Las Vegas Raiders.

On Monday, the Raiders beat the Cleveland Browns 16-14 on a 48-yard field goal by kicker Daniel Carlson as time expired. The win moved Las Vegas to 7-7 with three games remaining and kept it in the AFC playoff mix.

It was the eighth time in 14 games that the Raiders scored 16 points or less, which is tied for the NFL lead. However, it was the first time in 2021 that Las Vegas won while scoring 16 or less points. The Raiders were previously 0-7 in those games. In the Raiders’ other six victories this season, they have scored at least 26 points.

So, this was a departure. However, it would probably be unwise to think it is unsustainable. The Raiders survived their 16-point trend against the COVID-19 depleted Browns. But it’s probably not something they want to try again.

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