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Silver Minings: Darren Waller is doubtful vs. the Denver Broncos

It is a sign that Waller could return this season, but not great for Sunday

Washington Football Team v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Las Vegas Raiders' tight end Darren Waller has been out of the lineup the last three games. He is highly missed on this offense, failing to score more than 15 points since his absence.

While the back and leg injuries continue to linger, there was a sign he could return this season. Waller is doubtful for the Raiders matchup vs. the Denver Broncos in Las Vegas, however.

The former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket was starting to get back to form before the injury vs. the Cowboys. If the Raiders can find a way to beat Drew Lock and the Broncos, Waller could be ready to go for a tough Indianapolis Colts football team.

Also, Johnathan Hankins and Denzel Perryman were are questionable on Friday's injury report. Having both of these players on the field is key to controlling the Broncos' run attack.

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