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Raiders aren’t currently taking advantage of early coaching interview window

Apparently, owner Mark Davis is willing to wait

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Mark Davis
Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

There was a recent report stating that Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis would wait to see if his team made the playoffs before making any moves toward finding an out-of-house replacement for Jon Gruden, who resigned amid controversy in October.

Now, with the window open for the Raiders to interview candidates, Davis has yet to make a move and ESPN reported that he plans to wait and see if the team makes the playoffs.

The 8-7 Raiders will make the playoffs if they win at the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday and beat the Los Angeles Chargers at home on Jan. 9. But there is a chance the Raiders can be eliminated Sunday if they lose to the Colts.

This development has to be going over well in the Raiders’ facility, where interim coach Rich Bisaccia and his staff are working to get to the postseason. The Raiders are 5-5 under Bisaccia. CBS Sports, however, has reported that Davis is planning to interview Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Todd Bowles at some point.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the only other team that has a potential opening and they are taking advantage of the early interview window. Unlike the Raiders, though, they have no chance to make the playoffs.

People can have different opinions on Davis’ approach and there are some potential risks involved. But I can see his point. Perhaps if the Raiders are eliminated Sunday, Davis’ plan will change.