Excuses are just that. Excuses.

So tired of the 'Raiders faced adversity in 2021' excuse.

With Madden's passing, RIP, it's a reminder of the Raider organization of the 70's and early 80's. When the Raider brand, Just Win Baby, was born. Excuses of any kind were not accepted.

They should be held to the same standard today.

People want to wax on about the 'email scandal' (read: hit job). Yes, we 'lost' Gruden. But the truth is he's been 'coaching' from the sidelines since his resignation. Carr even said as much, he told a TV production team just last week that 'we talk everyday'.

Surely Gruden's burning through hours of tape at home and offering his 'opinion' to Offensive staff and players. Olson runs his system with little, if any, change. Even the play calling pattern is similar with Carr making many audibles at the LOS.

The rest of Gruden's coaching staff is still in place.

No Excuses

Yes Ruggs killed someone, sadly. His career is over. We lost our deep threat! There goes the season. But wait. Didn't we immediately sign DJax? A borderline Hall of Fame WR. Who frankly is just as good - if not better - than Ruggs in 2021. The guy gets open and can still outrun most in the NFL! Carr needs to get him the damn ball. Just like Ruggs was, DJax is underutilized because Carr is Captain Checkdown.

No Excuses

Many are shocked we are still in the playoff hunt and control our own destiny. This is short-sighted.

We *should* be in the playoffs. Hell, we started 5-2! This is *after* we lost Gruden, btw. Losing games vs WFT, Giants were unacceptable. And frankly we should have beat the Bengals too.

No Excuses

This is a playoff roster, we have pro-bowlers on the both sides of the ball (and frankly should have been more). The best Defense we've had in years. We should be in the tournament after starting 5-2. But our usual after-the-bye meltdown happened once again. Had nothing to do with Gruden or Ruggs.

If we fall short again, the people to blame are in that building now, not sitting outside it.

It's time for the excuses and the 'poor us' mentality to end. All hands on deck. Go to Indy and kick their ass. Come home and kick the Chargers ass too. Get this team into the playoffs where it belongs. It's time to prove something.

Just Win Baby