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Silver Minings: Raiders’ playoff odds increase

Playoffs chances are less bleak than last week

NFL: Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders
Fired up
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s getting better, folks.

Our weekly tradition of checking the Las Vegas Raiders’ playoff odds still don’t offer great hope. But because they have continued to win, the Raiders playoff chances continue to increase.

According to the New York Times, Las Vegas now has a 21 percent chance of making the playoffs with two games to go. Two weeks ago — before the 8-7 Raiders beat the Cleveland Browns — their playoff odds were eight percent, and prior to Week 16’s home win over the Denver Broncos, they were at 13 percent.

Now, they have continued to creep up. Of course, the bottom line is simple: if the Raiders beat the host Indianapolis Colts on Sunday and beat the visiting Los Angeles Chargers on Jan. 9, they will be in the playoffs whether the odds are long or not.

In other Raiders’ news:

  • Remembering a rival and a friend: Former Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant remembers his friend, John Madden. Of course, Madden and the Raiders beat Grant’s Purple People Eaters in Super Bowl XI.
  • More Madden memories: Sports Illustrated talked to people who served on the NFL’s Competition Committee with Madden and the stories are terrific.
  • More Madden memories II: Journalist Peter King, who had a long relationship with Madden, spoke about him in a podcast.
  • James settling down: Center Andre James has been a PFF stud for the past several weeks.