Again Raiders frustrate their fans and maybe this is why

Many many positions on both sides of line need upgrades to be considered good.

Derek Carr what ever you feel about him is just not good enough to play at a high constant level with this team.

Linebackers and corners couldn't cover Billy Barty or Mini Me. ( Sad but true )

Pass coverage is horrible as receivers are always wide open. (C'mon man play receivers a little closer)

Offensive line is just that.

There are a few solid player to build a GOOD team around if we hire a Coach that has a must win attitude when we play inferior teams. A Coach with fresh plays and ideas.

Truth is Ive been a Raider fan since the sixties and it's time for new direction regarding Owner, Coach's & everyone involved.

Next week the Chiefs and they will torch us. So be ready for more of the same.

Last but not least, if the Raiders were playing " The Sisters of Saint Marys " I would only wager a dollar we would win.

I'm very sad BUT still a fan that thought we were close to turning the corner. Maybe next year ???

Very weak Go Raiders