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Silver Minings: Playoffs odds continue to dwindle

Raiders’ chances are down to 13 percent

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Washington Football Team v Las Vegas Raiders
Rich Bisaccia
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

December play did not start well for the Las Vegas Raiders.

They opened the pivotal month with a 17-15 home loss to the Washington Football Team Sunday to fall to 6-6. Of course, the Raiders — who have lost four of the five past games after starting the season 5-2 — have seen their playoff chances plunge. It is no surprise that they have fallen even lower heading into their Week 14 game at the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to the New York Times, the Raiders currently have a 13 percent chance to make the playoffs with five weeks to go in the regular season. It is the lowest odds of all four AFC West teams, and there are 11 teams in the AFC with better odds to advance to the playoffs. Of course, this year, seven teams will make the postseason.

Odds aside, the Raiders will likely have to win at least 10 games to make the playoffs, meaning they’ll need to go at least 4-1 for the rest of the season. All five of their remaining games (vs. the Chiefs, Browns, Broncos, Colts and Chargers) are against teams that have higher odds to make the AFC playoffs.

So the task is daunting ... but there’s still have a chance.

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