Dabo Swinney to the Raiders

I have straight up said that although I like Carr, I will support the new regime if they go after a new QB as long as it is not Watson. Also not a fan of getting Wilson at this point in his career, but I digress. Rumors are buzzing about Swinney possibly being the new raiders HC. I am not a fan of the hiring at all. I am a Clemson fan and although I love Swinney, I don't see him being a huge success in the NFL. He is a players coach thru and thru, but I just don't trust him with the Xs and Os in the NFL. That ain't his forte and we don't have the overwhelming talent he did at Clemson. But if the rumors are true and he is the next raiders HC, considering his connection with Carr and lack of high end QBs in the draft, maybe Carr isn't going bye bye as we all expect he may be. Let that sink in all you Carr haters. Get your pitchforks ready. Its gonna be a long year