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February Raiders news tracker

All the latest NFL news and rumors

NFL: Oakland Raiders at New York Jets
Richie Incognito
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

February 26

9:53 a.m.: The Athletic reports Raiders’ guard Richie Incognito is getting healthy and will be ready to play this year. There is a chance he could be a salary-cap cut, though.

February 25

9:16 a.m.: As another report of the Russell Wilson-Seattle Seahawks rift emerged, the Raiders are being connected to the quarterback again. I never say never, but don’t sit around waiting for this one,

February 24

1:54 p.m.: The Raiders announced they cut receiver Tyrell Williams. This has been coming for weeks.

9:56 a.m.: JuJu is getting wishy-washy. Now, he is saying he wants to be with the Pittsburgh Steelers for his career. The free agent has previously mentioned other teams, including the Raiders as a possible landing spot. The Raiders are reportedly interested in Smith-Schuster as well. My thoughts remain the same: Nah.

February 23

8:19 a.m.: The NFL is leaning toward playing 17 games in the regular season and three games in the preseason in 2021.


February 22

12:03 a.m.: NFL Media believes Marcus Mariota will likely be traded.

February 19

1:18 p.m.: The Packers cut linebacker Christian Kirksey, who the Raiders had interest in last year. They could possibly look at him again.

9:16 a.m.: There is yet another safety available to the Raiders.

February 18

9:23 a.m.: Good news for the Raiders: The NFL salary cap will be, at least, $180 million and it could be higher. Still, Las Vegas needs to cut some players.

February 17

9:12 a.m.: AFC West alert: The Denver Broncos reportedly will pursue Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. That would shake things up.

February 16

8:14 a.m.: The Cleveland Browns may be closing in on signing J.J. Watt. The Raiders have been quiet in the Watt talks.

February 12

11:59 a.m.: Mark Davis officially owns an WNBA team. How cool.

9:14 a.m.: The Raiders were one of the teams at Trevor Lawrence’s Pro Day. I wouldn’t read too much into it, though.

February 11

9:46 a.m.: This is interesting. The Raiders worked out CFL linebacker Cameron Judge. He played college ball at UCLA.

February 10

11:03 a.m.: Raiders’ tackle Trent Brown may not be the only high-profile tackle on the move. The Baltimore Ravens may trade Orlando Brown.

February 9

2;04 p.m.: The Raiders re-signed offensive lineman Lester Cotton.

9:03 a.m.: Here’s the details of Nathan Peterman’s new deal with the Raiders.

February 5

9:12 a.m.: Jay Gruden, brother of Jon, doesn’t expect Derek Carr to be traded. Join the club, buddy,

February 4

9:31 a.m.: Remember when the NFL hated gambling? Now, look at them, even with a team in Las Vegas and everything.

February 3

2:12 p.m.: David Irving could come back to the Raiders, says ESPN.

9:32 a.m.; So far, so good on having a COVID-free Super Bowl.

February 2

9:02 a.m.: The NFL is doing a good thing Sunday at the Super Bowl.

February 1

10:02 a.m.: The Denver Broncos are in the quarterback market. If they score big, the Raiders will have to deal with three top-level QBs in the AFC West.