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Raiders must have loved Matthew Stafford trade to Rams

Derek Carr’s value could skyrocket

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos
Derek Carr
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, when I wrote about how a Matthew Stafford trade from the Detroit Lions could affect Derek Carr’s value to the Las Vegas Raiders, I didn’t think I’d have to revisit it so soon.

Then, though, the Los Angeles Rams stepped in and blew up the NFL quarterback market. In a stunning trade on Saturday night, the Lions sent Stafford to the Rams for quarterback Jared Goff, a third-round pick and TWO first-round picks.

(Insert your favorite “holy crap” GIF here).

For the record, I hate the trade for the Rams. Stafford is about to turn 33 and he’s fragile. Yes, he’s better than 26-year-old Goff, and yes, Goff’s contract was large, but the value the Rams gave up for Stafford is incredible based on his age and history.

That swings us back to Carr and the Raiders.

The Raiders’ brass has to be thrilled with the Stafford trade. It resets the market for quarterback trades, or, at least, it resets the asking price for quarterbacks.

You all know I don’t think the Raiders should move away from Carr this offseason. But, as a result of this Stafford trade, I think the Raiders should make him available (as I do about nearly every starting quarterback in the NFL). You might as well see what’s out there in light of this mega deal. Yes, I realize, the Rams were desperate. It only takes one team to drive up the price, though.

The Stafford trade was originally a good measuring stick for the Raiders if they wanted to move on from Carr in a couple of years. But, now, the entire quarterback value base has been turned on its ear and it is a good thing for teams with a quarterback who could interest other teams.