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Former Raiders’ star Rich Gannon out as CBS broadcaster

MVP quarterback was known for both his pre-game preparation and frank football analysis

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Los Angeles Chargers
Rich Gannon in booth
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprising move, CBS is reportedly moving away from broadcaster Rich Gannon.

This is unexpected development in broadcasting circles because Gannon was considered a top analysts in the NFL. He was famous for being prepared during the week leading up to games and he was always frank in his game analysis.

Even though Gannon is best known for his days with the Oakland Raiders and winning the 2002 NFL MVP award, the former quarterback laid into the franchise when he felt necessary.

This news is being met with surprise in the media community.

I would think Gannon will get another opportunity in the broadcast booth at a different network in the near future. He is too experienced and too talented to be out of work for long,