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NFL free agency 2021: Justin Houston could be a good fit for Raiders

Veteran pass rusher is still making an impact — and might be a better bet than JJ Watt or Von Miller

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
Justin Houston
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

As NFL free agency approaches, we have looked at potential pass-rush fits for the Las Vegas Raiders as they need to address their biggest needs.

Among those we have looked at include J.J. Watt (who has been cut by the Houston Texans and is now on the open market) and Von Miller, who could be released by the Denver Broncos.

However, there may be another pass rusher from the 2011 NFL draft class who could fit the Raiders ...

Justin Houston was taken by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round 10 years ago. The 32 year old has been with the Indianapolis Colts for the past two seasons but he is still producing. Houston has a combined 19 sacks in the past two seasons, and 97.5 career sacks overall. Because of this, he will likely have a strong market in free agency and the Colts want him back.

The Raiders could be in the mix for Houston if he hits the market, however.

They need veteran leadership and they need, at least, one more pass rusher. While he hasn’t had the career that Watt and Miller have had, Houston has produced more of late so don’t be surprised if he is the most sought after of the trio in free agency.