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Silver Minings: Raiders release Tyrell Williams, who is the next salary-cut candidate?

Trent Brown, Lamarcus Joyner, Jeff Heath, Marcus Mariota, and Jalen Richard could all be candidates for release

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Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
Trent Brown
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The fact that the Las Vegas Raiders officially released wide receiver Tyrell Williams on Wednesday was no surprise at all. It was expected for months and it has been reported for weeks.

The only interesting aspect of the actual release was it came on Feb. 24. The initial report stated that the Raiders would do it when when the new league year starts on March 24 ... but the Raiders got an early start, which leads to the question: Who is next?

Players such as right tackle Trent Brown, defensive backs Lamarcus Joyner and Jeff Heath, backup quarterback Marcus Mariota, and backup running back Jalen Richard could all be candidates for release. Guards Gabe Jackson and Richie Incognito also having a chance of being cut.

The Williams cut was an easy decision, however, some of the other potential departures won’t be quite as simple for the team. But the Raiders showed by cutting Williams that they are officially in the offseason, salary-cutting mode, so more moves can happen at any time.

Who would you guess is the next player to go?

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