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Pros and cons of a Raiders’ pursuit of Titans’ tackle Isaiah Wilson

Tennessee Titans’ 2020 first round pick will likely be traded

NFL: Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans
Isaiah Wilson
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are reportedly likely to trade 2020 first round pick Isaiah Wilson after a rocky first season.

Wilson, 22, was the No. 29 overall pick, out of Georgia. But the offensive tackle played just four snaps as a rookie, and the Titans’ and Wilson’s relationship has worsened in the offseason.

This is a unique opportunity to get a young talent, although one who has struggled to get on the right professional track. Let’s look if he’d be a worth the Las Vegas Raiders’ time to trade for.


He’d be cheap: If the Titans will taken a low-round pick, why not? He was the No. 29 overall pick. It’s worth the gamble.

Big potential:
He was a first-round pick for a reason. The Raiders are well coached on the offensive line by Tom Cable. He could be a steal.

Possible Trent Brown replacement:
Wilson weighs 350 pounds. He could be a great right tackle. If the Raiders cut Trent Brown in a salary cap move, Wilson could compete with Brandon Parker for the starting spot.


It’s alarming he is available:
Teams just don’t give up on first round picks at pennies on the dollar for nothing. Wilson has earned his way out of Nashville in less than a year. That’s a problem.

It may be a waste of effort:
Wilson may be out of the NFL soon. Giving him another chance would be a waste of time.

Las Vegas isn’t for everyone:
Clearly, Wilson has had trouble adjusting to being a professional. Getting on the straight and narrow in Las Vegas may be a challenge as there are a lot of distractions for any player.


I’m usually not one for picking up other people’s problems as they usually remain a problem. But if Raiders’ GM Mike Mayock had Wilson rated as a fit, it might be a worthwhile endeavor at a low-risk price.