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Jon Gruden’s courting of Richard Sherman may cost the Raiders

Las Vegas could possibly lose another draft pick for tampering

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
Jon Gruden
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Bless Jon Gruden’s heart. He never learns.

What was supposed to be a benign podcast interview with Cris Collinsworth and NFL cornerback Richard Sherman has now caught the attention of the NFL offices.

In short, Gruden recruited Sherman (a 2021 free agent) to the Las Vegas Raiders and Sherman said they will talk about it. No, really, that happened.

Here’s the video;

Come on, Gruden, figure it out man!

I don’t think Gruden is a stupid person. I do think he says stupid things now and again. He’s a showman and he wants to entertain. But he has to have the best interest of his organization at the top of his mind.

Collinsworth even reminded Gruden not to tamper with Sherman and he did it anyway. Team officials can’t have any contact with free agents about signing with their team until March.

Pro Football Talk reported that a team official with another franchise called Gruden’s actions “blatant tampering” and the NFL had no comment at this time. Teams and the league take tampering very seriously.

This could cost the Raiders a draft pick. Considering that they are already appealing a lost late-round draft pick for breaking NFL coronavirus protocol, this could create quite a problem for the Raiders.

Coach, you’re a fun, good guy. But you need to zip it sometimes.