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Allegiant Stadium will be used as coronavirus vaccination site

NFL is opening all stadiums to help the cause

Allegiant Stadium Under Construction Allegiant StadiumPhoto by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The inaugural season of Allegiant Stadium was played without fans and it was a sad situation for the Raiders in their first season in Las Vegas.

However, in a move that could help put fans into the beautiful new stadium in 2021, the NFL is going to put Allegiant Stadium to good use.

In a letter to United States President Joe Biden, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is making all 30 NFL stadiums (the Los Angeles and New York teams share a stadium) to be used as coronavirus vaccination sites.

Below are the seven NFL stadiums that are already being used as coronavirus vaccination sites:

This is not only a good deed by the NFL in a time that the country needs as many opportunities to distribute the vaccination. it makes sense. as well.

Some teams played in front of small crowds during the 2020 season (the Super Bowl will be played in front of 25,000 people Sunday), but many teams played in front of empty stadiums.

Getting fans in the stands is of great importance in Las Vegas. Coach Jon Gruden has mentioned how much he wants fans in the stands next season. I spoke to Raiders’ wide receiver Henry Ruggs III on Thursday and he said his biggest goal of 2021 is to see fans come back.

Everyone wants this to happen.

Perhaps Goodell’s decision to open every stadium as a vaccination site will play a major role in getting fans back into stadiums in the fall.