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Silver Minings: Damien Williams could be a fit for the Raiders

Former Kansas City Chiefs running back is available

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Damien Williams
Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Add a new name to the list of potential backup tailbacks for the Las Vegas Raiders: Damien Williams, as the Kansas City Chiefs released Williams on Tuesday in a surprise move.

The Raiders need a backup for starting tailback Josh Jacobs after Devontae Booker, the Raiders’ 2020 primary backup tailback, agreed to terms with the New York Giants on Monday.

While it’s easy to find a backup running back and the Raiders can be patient, Williams is intriguing. Williams has had success in the NFL and he would be a solid fit in Jon Gruden’s offense.

Again, there is no rush to add a backup running back, but Williams is a player who makes sense for Las Vegas.

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