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Silver Minings: Raiders will reportedly host Chicago Bears in 17th game in 2021, if season is extended

Ninth Raiders’ game would be at home

NFL: Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders
Derek Carr, Khalil Mack
Derek Carr, Khalil MackKirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the hope of fans being able to watch the Las Vegas Raiders in Allegiant Stadium for the first time, it appears they will have a ninth game to see in the beautiful new stadium this season.

NBC Sports’ NFL insider Peter King reported on Sunday that the Raiders will host a 17th game in 2021 if the plan goes into motion, which is expected. The Raiders would host the Chicago Bears and former Raiders’ star pass rusher Khalil Mack in that game. The exact date of the matchup will be released in April when the NFL releases the schedule.

This means the Raiders would play a ninth road game in 2021 and it will rotate each year moving forward. So, clearly every other year, the Raiders will have an advantage as they push to make the playoffs. That advantage and extra time in Allegiant Stadium apparently starts in 2021.

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