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Willie Snead says he has experience with Jon Gruden’s ‘vision’ for Raiders offense

Veteran thinks he can bring a lot to the Las Vegas wide receiver room

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New Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Willie Snead IV is clearly thrilled to be with the franchise after signing a contract on Friday.

Snead spoke to reporters and here are some highlights of his presser with quotes courtesy from the Raiders’ terrific PR crew:

On why he picked the Raiders and what he expects his role to be:

“I’m just grateful to have this opportunity. When it happened, I got a phone call from Coach Gruden and we were able to talk for a little bit. Just the vision that he has for this offense, and I’m pretty familiar from my time with the Saints just with scheme and everything that they do.

I was just really excited about possibly being here in Vegas and it’s been an awesome experience since I stepped in the building. Everybody’s been first class and I’ve just been feeling right at home. So, really excited for the opportunity here in Vegas and just looking forward to when we come back to football.”

Los Vegas Raiders v New York Jets
Henry Ruggs
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On the competition in a crowded receiver room:

“I just look at it as an opportunity to get better. They have a lot of great talent in the room already and they’re bringing me in to just build on top of that. And what I bring into that room is a toughness, a leadership role, a veteran presence and just going out there and going to make plays. I’m excited for the competition. They have a great group of guys already. I just want to be able to mold myself in there and contribute where I can, so I invite competition. I love the aspect of that part and Gruden seems to be all about competing and making guys better, so that fits my mold. I’m just excited to be here and ready to get to work.”

How does his game mesh with the Raiders’ offense?

“Back when I was in New Orleans it was more of that West Coast spread type of deal and I was just able to move around to a whole bunch of places. I was a versatile player during that time. And in this type of offense, the more you can do, they’ll keep you on the field. And that’s what I prided myself on when I first came in the league was, just trying to learn every position whether it’s the slot, whether it’s outside.

I just wanted to learn it all and go out there and execute and just gain that trust from the coaches knowing that I could do it and they could put me anywhere out there and I could be successful. So, that’s kind of the same mentality I have coming here. It’s like a fresh start, fresh opportunity for me. Just to learn the offense and learn every position, so wherever coach thinks I’m going to fit in best for them, that’s where he’s going to put me and I’m going to do my best to be successful at it. Just coming in here with a brand-new mindset and a new vision, so to speak.”

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
Jason, Witten, Jon Gruden
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On what it was like meeting with coach Jon Gruden:

“Everything was over the phone. I just got to know him and what he sees in the vision, not only for me, but for this team. I just got to know Jon Gruden a little bit. He’s a personable guy, and I can relate to him in a whole bunch of ways. It’s just awesome getting to know a legendary coach like that, and just to be a part of this organization, a great organization. It just all felt right. When he asked me to come out and take a visit, I was on vacation at the time. We were actually here on the West Coast already, so it was nothing but a quick plane ride and getting in this building. Just to meet all the coaches, meet him for the first time, it was a great experience. It happened to work out for the best. I’m just excited to be here.”