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Silver Minings: NFL expects all stadiums to be filled with fans in 2021

It’s time to see Allegiant Stadium

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Roger Goodell
Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images

We’ve been getting good signs that the 2021 NFL season will be back to normal for a while. Yet on Tuesday, league commissioner Roger Goodell made a strong statement indicating that we’re near the goal line in terms of getting back to full normalcy on game days.

Goodell told reporters he expects full stadiums this season.

Isn’t that beautiful to hear?

Of course, there still needs to be progress made, but it is extremely optimistic that Goodell is comfortable making this type of comment five months before the season starts.

This would be tremendous news in this community, of course, as fans would finally be allowed to attend games at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas after the Raiders played their home games in the wonderful, yet empty stadium in 2020.

Here’s hoping we all see each other in the news digs in the fall.

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