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Silver Minings: Marcus Mariota is not making a trade from Raiders easy

Backup QB is reportedly playing hard ball with Las Vegas

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders
Marcus Mariota
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We may now know the reason why the Marcus Mariota trade talks have slowed down considerably.

Veteran NFL reporter Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal wrote that Mariota has not been open to restructuring his contract as part of a trade from the Las Vegas Raiders.

That is a logical explanation because there were many reports saying a trade was likely. But in recent days, there has been talk that a trade could be unlikely and teams are losing interest in a deal.

Mariota is set to make $10.7 million this season. But if he is a starter, he would make more than $22 million. Teams are reluctant to pay that and, it now seems, Mariota is not willing to budge.

If the Raiders cut him, he can discuss a deal with several teams and get the best price.

So, the Mariota saga continues for the Raiders.

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