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Silver Minings: NFL will ease restrictions of players who get COVID-19 vaccination

Fully-vaccinated players will be able to do more this offseason

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Tampa Prepares To Host Super Bowl LV Between The Kansas City Chiefs And The Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Roger Goodell
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The NFL continues to release its plans for a second straight offseason while dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. There is progress being made and optimism is that that in-person sessions will be a part of the OTAs this year, unlike in 2020 when they were virtual.

On Wednesday, the NFL released a memo to teams saying that players who get vaccinated will have less restrictions; will be able to do more things in person; and will not be required to undergo daily coronavirus tests. All of these precautions were mandatory for all NFL personnel in 2020.

Vaccinations will not be mandatory, but I’d expect most players would decide to get theirs so they will be able to participate in more daily work events.

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