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Raiders draft 2021: What if no defensive players are taken in top 10 picks?

A rush for offensive players around the league could help the Raiders

South Carolina v LSU
Jaycee Horn
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

With the NFL draft looming in three days, there is increased chatter that the top of the first round will be dominated by offensive players and we may not even see a defensive player taken in the top 10 — which would be the first time that has ever happened.

If that oddity does play out, it could greatly benefit the Las Vegas Raiders, who own the No. 17 overall pick.

Yes, the Raiders may currently be targeting right tackles first, however, the fall of the top defensive players would make it possible that a top defensive prospect could unexpectedly be available for the Raiders.

Two players who could fit this scenario are South Carolina’s Jaycee Horn and Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons. Neither of those positions are pressing needs for the Raiders but if Horn or Parsons were to be available at No. 17 that value may be too great to pass up for Las Vegas.

I honestly don’t think Parsons will get past the New York Giants at No. 11 and I don’t see the Los Angeles Chargers bypassing Horn at No. 13. But if things get weird, you never know who could land on the Raiders’ lap at No. 17!