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My thoughts on the Raiders holding training camp in Henderson, Nevada, again

Are the team’s summers in Napa a thing of the past?


On Friday afternoon, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the Las Vegas Raiders will stay at their Henderson, Nevada, facility for training camp this summer.

The Raiders held training camp there last year — halting their long run in Napa, California — as the NFL had mandated teams to hold training camp at their facilities due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, teams are allowed to go off site for training camp this year.

Yet, the Raiders have decided to stay put.

It’s understandable that the Raiders are staying in Nevada for the summer. Their new facility is beautiful and they might as well use it, especially as training camp went well there in 2020. Coach Jon Gruden enjoyed the morning practice schedule to fight the Nevada heat.

So, training camp in Henderson may be something the Raiders continue to do in the future.

However, the door is probably not closed on Napa forever for the Raiders as they could always decide to train there again. The setup at the Napa Marriott is wonderfully convenient and it was always considered the best training camp scenario in the NFL.

The risk for the Raiders is that another team could swoop in and take over the Napa location.

Of course, the fact that the Raiders are not training in Napa is a major bummer for Northern California fans who are still coping with the relocation to Las Vegas from Oakland. When the Raiders opened training camp of fans in the Wine Country, it was always a wild, fun day out.

I’d expect the Raiders to open some camp days for season tickets holders in Henderson from time to time as well. All the fun starts in late July. Maybe we’ll see you in Henderson some time.

Let us know in the comments where you would rather have training camp located, and why.