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Are Henry Ruggs III and Mecole Hardman about to hit the track for a race?

Speedy Raiders and Chiefs receivers banter on Twitter about who has the fastest 40-yard dash time

NFL Combine - Day 3
Henry Ruggs III at the 2020 NFL combine
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

UPDATE: Apparently, this race is happening Thursday. Let’s go.

The Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs have been adding fuel on their long rivalry, making it one of the hottest in the NFL of late.

Now the fire surrounding the two teams may be extending beyond the football field and onto the track.

On Tuesday, Las Vegas wide receiver Henry Ruggs III poked at Chiefs’ receiver Mecole Hardman about his speed advantage.

Shots fired.

However, it didn’t take long for Hardman to respond, suggesting they “hit they dirt” to prove who was right.

OK, then.

Does that mean Ruggs and Hardman will meet on a track for a 40-yard dash to settle this Twitter discussion?

We’ll see, but something may be up. Both Ruggs and Hardman used this hashtag #ad ... then Bounty — yes, the paper towel brand — chimed in as well.

So maybe there will be some type of announcement on the horizon in the form of a Bounty-sponsored race. Hell, it’s the offseason — we’ll happily lap up that kind on competitive entertainment.

The only thing we do know for sure is that Ruggs and Hardman will meet on Nov. 14 in Las Vegas and on Dec. 12 in Kansas City when their two teams play next season. Surely Raiders fans would rather see Ruggs use his speed to overcome Hardman in a football uniform and not in track shorts.