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Kenyan Drake ‘fully engulfed’ in Raiders’ offense

New running back also describes Derek Carr as “very cerebral”

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
Kenyan Drake
Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

New Las Vegas Raiders running back Kenyan Drake met with the media this week and offered a lot of insight into what he thinks he and the offense can get done during the 2021 season.

Here are some highlights of the session courtesy of the Raiders’ PR staff:

On adjusting to Jon Gruden’s offense:

“I’m fully engulfed in it, man. I’m living it, breathing it right now. Just trying to make sure I get all the basics down, especially right now. When everything starts to really open up, we have a good base and then you can kind of move on from there add on top of that and continue to work toward our goal, that’s obviously being a top offense in this league. So, I feel like I can definitely help in that facet.”

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Josh Jacobs
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On playing with fellow Alabama running back Josh Jacobs:

“Obviously, we both have a high respect for each other’s game and each other personally. Obviously, we got the Bama [Alabama] connection, so ‘Roll Tide.’ And I just feel like once everything kind of gets going … you’re just going to rely on the things that you’ve kind of been adapted to grow into, and that’s being the best versions of ourselves and kind of really feeding off each other once we get in there. His running style is definitely infectious, the bruising, physical style, being able to make people miss in space. And me vice versa, so I definitely feel like we will be able to complement each other, especially with everybody in that room. We got a lot of high respect for everybody in the room and whoever touch the ball, we’re going to be their biggest fans for that play and continue on as the season goes on.”

On his ability as a receiver out of the backfield:

“Just trying to create mismatches. When you have a back as myself, or really any of our backs, you line up out wide and you have a linebacker or safety that goes out there, it gives you obviously a cover indicator, and with that we just want to take advantage of the mismatches that we feel like we have in the backfield on defenders when they match up man-to-man with us. Obviously with anybody else on our offense, man-to-man, we feel like we should be able to win a good clip of that. But especially in our room, not only do we take pride … outside the backfield, routes out in empty formation, just creating mismatches on the defense and have them try to figure out how to defend all the weapons that we have.”

On Las Vegas improving in the red zone:

“Just adding another playmaker that the defense will have to worry. Like I said, creating those mismatches out the backfield or lining up out wide. Getting those coverage indicators, whether it’s man or zone. Just being another playmaker, another weapon. When you have a multitude of guys to cover on the field it stretches the defense real thin, so you got a guy like Darren Waller, who’s obviously a red zone threat. Henry Ruggs III, Hunter Renfrow. We have a lot of guys, especially everybody in this room that can create mismatches and come out the backfield. It’s almost like a pick-your-poison type of situation.”

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On his early thoughts of Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr:

“Derek Carr is very cerebral. Obviously, he’s been in this offense for a while, this league for a while. Arm strength is uncanny. Real, real just keen leadership skills and really commands the attention and respect of everybody in the huddle once we get in there. But also, is a real chill, laid back guy. I’ve been to his house, met his family, had a cookout with him and a few other teammates. He’s just a real open person and player. So, it’s really cool to from afar see how he is and how he manages the team and the team’s success, but up close and personal definitely respect the guy and want to continue to see how far we can take this ride this year.”