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Derek Carr is psyched for Raiders’ home games after seeing Vegas fans rally behind the Golden Knights

Quarterback is loving the Las Vegas home field advantage

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Vegas
Golden Knights fans
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into his second NFL season in Las Vegas (and the first with fans in the stands), Derek Carr has learned first-hand that the city is a wild sports town and says he can’t wait to see the craziness at Allegiant Stadium.

Carr has taken his sons to Vegas Golden Knights playoff games and is impressed by how the city has gotten behind its NHL Stanley Cup contenders. It has gotten him thinking what the atmosphere will be like at Allegiant Stadium if the Raiders go on a playoff run.

“It’s been really cool just seeing the city come together and I try to take that and imagine what 70,000 people would be like with laser shows and the music and all that,” Carr said on Tuesday. “I’m sure our defense will be really excited to go hit some people with that kind of atmosphere. Now, for me, please be as quiet as a church mouse. Please be quiet, but when the defense is out there, it will be cool to see.”

The Golden Knights are the betting favorite to win the Stanley Cup and count the Carr family in for rest of the post-season ride.

“My boys are huge hockey fans now, so I’m learning the rules as we go,” Carr said. “But I’ve loved it. It’s just fun to watch other people play at a high level and just to feel the city’s energy, the support for our team has been really cool. I’ve gotten to know some of those players and just want to continue to support those guys. Our city has been great in doing that, so hopefully they can keep it up. They’ve been doing great ... I told (Golden Knights captain) Mark Stone, ‘you guys are inspiring us.’ This is awesome. Being in that building, watching this city.”

Carr had another Vegas highlight. He met Mr. Vegas.

“I met Wayne Newton by the way, I met Wayne Newton, which was crazy,” Carr said. Couldn’t believe it. But super nice guy. His wife, very nice. Wayne Newton, shout-out to you. It was nice to meet you.”

Vegas, it’s just different.