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Derek Carr expecting a lot from Raiders’ new backfield

Las Vegas QB thinks Josh Jacobs is going to be fresh every play

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr, Josh Jacobs
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

One of the biggest things the Las Vegas Raiders’ brass did this offseason to help quarterback Derek Carr was to beef up its running game.

The Raiders added running back Kenyan Drake in free agency. Drake will be a factor as a receiver out of the backfield but he will also help keep starter Josh Jacobs stay fresh. It could pay major dividends in terms of what Drake brings to the Las Vegas offense but also as what a fresher Jacobs brings.

Jacobs had 273 carries and averaged 3.9 yards per carry in 2020 after averaging 4.8 yards on 242 carries as a rookie. Count Carr among those who think a fresher Jacobs can be a better Jacobs because of the presence of Drake.

“They are going to complement each other great,” Carr said. “Kenyan is not just a route-running kind of running back I mean he’s had 900-and-something, 1,000-yard seasons. The guy is a good football player. When you have two backs like that, you don’t have to kill Josh. Josh, he can be fresh every snap. Could you imagine that? Having to tackle that guy fresh every single time.”

Carr also said it partly his job to help Jacobs be successful in his role.

“It’s a team game, right? I got to keep putting him in good run looks. If I stop caring about the run game, that hurts Josh Jacobs,” Carr said. “I got to put us in good run looks all the time, that’s my job ... We know Josh is going to show up ready to play. He loves football. He’s a great teammate. He’s a great guy to be around and all those things. So, I think the trajectory is going to be as high as all of us together go.”