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Hunter Renfrow gave himself some homework this offseason

Third-year slot receiver is ready to take the next step

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
Hunter Renfrow
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Hunter Renfrow has learned being a successful NFL wide receiver is about evolving and adjusting.

So, after his second season ended, the Las Vegas Raiders’ slot wide receiver give himself some offseason homework assignments and it started by studying a notebook he made for himself during the season.

The notebook is chock full of nuances of the game that Renfrow wants to improve at, he told reporters this week at the team’s OTA sessions.

“(This notebook) kind of got longer and longer as the season went on. But off the top of my mind, I think I can attack the football better,” Renfrow said. “Sometimes I get it and get into the body and get passive. And then also, I do a lot of underneath stuff, so getting a plan.

“Getting a good plan. Watching a lot of guys on how they attack, so that you get late in the season you’re not doing the same stuff. And those were kind of my big two things. You can get too worried about so many things that you don’t focus on a few. So, my big thing this year is, take tidbits as you go, but really hone-in and focus on those few things. And coming in flatter on routes so you can attack the ball and so that’s my list.”

Renfrow, a fifth-round draft choice out of Clemson in 2019, has been a consistent player for the Raiders. He had 56 catches for 656 yards in 2020 and had 49 catches for 605 yards as a rookie. With his self-inspired changes, there is no doubt Renfrow can take another step in 2021.