The New Raiders Defense

I have posted a couple of times regarding how the defense will line up and play under Gus Bradley. Now that Raiders have had 4 waves of FA plus the draft this would be a good time to look at how the defense all might look. Something I want to stress is this defense is actually simple. If I go beyond 1500 words something is wrong with my analysis.

The Cover 3 scheme Bradley employs a couple of different formations generally one for run and another for pass. If you watched SD/LAC tape it becomes fairly obvious. The variation comes from versatile players doing something unpredictable to the QB such as the SAM dropping into coverage or the SS rushing the passer like a SAM. All the QB sees is the formation and he is not exactly sure what may come next.

So lets look at the 2 primary formations and who the Raiders will likely play in these formations primarily and talk about strengths and weaknesses.

The pictures are from an article I have linked before from Raiders wire which is visual and really explains Bradley's Cover 3 as of 2017-2020.

Note this article links to a video that really explains the concepts behind this defense which is beyond the scope of this fan post.